How To Make Money From Real Estate

Posted by Ankit Bhakta // January 6, 2016 // Blog / Featured // Make Money From Real Estate

There are different ways to invest your money in real estate. If you do your investing wisely, you won’t have to put in much effort to make great returns. You must, however, understand that the different ways of investing also have different levels of return, risk and commitment. No investor wants to have a strategy […]

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5 Real Estate Resolutions For 2016

Posted by Ankit Bhakta // December 30, 2015 // Blog / Featured // Real Estate Resolutions for 2016

The New Year is right around the corner and you know what that means. With the New Year comes New Year resolutions. It’s not just personal ones that we should be listing down before the year begins but also real estate resolutions for 2016 that you can also take inspiration from. Below are five resolutions […]

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What Are The Biggest Real Estate Investor Mistakes To Avoid In 2016?

Posted by Ankit Bhakta // December 23, 2015 // Blog / Featured

With 2016 nearly upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how real estate investors can better position themselves for success. In addition to what you should be doing, it is equally important to know what not to do. Having said that, learning from those that have come before you can really help your business […]

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Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer

Posted by Ankit Bhakta // December 16, 2015 // Blog / Divorce Attorney Minneapolis / Featured / Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer // Divorce Attorney Minneapolis MN / Divorce Lawyers Minneapolis / Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney / Minneapolis Divorce Attorney / Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer

Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer

A good Minneapolis divorce lawyer can help reduce the strain both parties feel when disputes over major assets arise. This includes real estate. Divorce is never a pretty process to go through. Rarely will you find two people agreeing on the same terms without any friction. There will be a lot of things to discuss […]

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Ideal Selling Experience For Your House

Posted by Ankit Bhakta // December 9, 2015 // Blog / Featured

House listings differ from each other in a number of ways. It’s also the same with home sellers – not one is exactly the same as the other in terms of mindset and strategies. Because of these differences, sellers’ experiences may vary, one may have a positive experience and another could have a negative one. […]

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The Housing Dilemma Millennials Face In Today’s Market

Posted by Ankit Bhakta // December 2, 2015 // Blog / Featured

Millennials are facing a major housing crisis in today’s market. The outcome of the decisions they make now will greatly impact their finances for the rest of their lives, and for their kids. What will they choose? If millennials opt to try and keep up with the perceived Joneses, they could find the additional financial burden […]

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Is It Time To Consider Your Starter Home?

Posted by Ankit Bhakta // November 25, 2015 // Blog / Featured

What is a ‘starter home,’ and is it time you bought one? Is it time for you to kick renting to the curb? If so, which type of property should you be buying? What role should a starter home play in your plan? The Renter’s Dilemma Renting isn’t cheap. It doesn’t look like it is […]

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Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Posted by Ankit Bhakta // November 18, 2015 // Blog / Featured

Listing your home up for the first time can be a very exciting moment. The succeeding firsts that happen after the listing can be exciting; the first inquiry, the first open house and the first showing. Eventually, after weeks or even months of waiting for a legitimate offer to come up, the hype dies down […]

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How To Prevent Foreclosure

Posted by Ankit Bhakta // November 11, 2015 // Avoid Foreclosure / Blog / Featured / How To Prevent Foreclosure // avoid foreclosure / avoiding foreclosure options / foreclosure advice / foreclosure options / help avoiding foreclosure / help to avoid foreclosure / how can i stop foreclosure / how to prevent foreclosure / options to avoid foreclosure / prevent foreclosure / programs to avoid foreclosure / save my home from foreclosure / stop foreclosure fast / stop foreclosure now / stopping foreclosure / ways to stop foreclosure

How to prevent foreclosure

How to prevent foreclosure is a must-know if you have a home loan to pay. Since foreclosure is probably the scariest word any homeowner could ever hear, the most obvious step that homeowners can take to prevent this is to be updated with payments. It’s a good tip but it’s an obvious one. If you are unable to keep up with your payments because of a difficult situation, below are some helpful tips that you may want to learn on how to prevent foreclosure:

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5 Benefits Of Selling Your House To An Investor

Posted by Ankit Bhakta // November 4, 2015 // Blog / Featured

Are you putting your house up for sale? If your answer is YES, chances are you’ve already thought of contacting a real estate agent to get the job done smoothly. It’s usually what most home sellers, especially first-time home sellers, do because, well…is there really any other option? The answer to this is a resounding […]

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